Hatha Vidya
Ancient scriptures of India define Hatha Vidya as pure and traditional form of Yoga. It was also believed that Hatha Vidya was the first step towards physical and spiritual development because it inculcates the power to control the mind by first controlling the body. Purification of the mind is not possible with the body undergoing a complete purification process and so in Hatha Vidya the Shad Karma Kriyas (Six types of cleansing) towards this effect is very important.

Aim & Essence of Hatha Vidya


The term Hatha (in Sanskrit) is composed of two syllables. ‘Ha’ represents the ‘Prana’ or vital energy and ‘Tha’ means the moon representing the mental energy. In Yogic Science it represents Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi. By practicing Hatha Vidya these two energy flows are synchronized and this leads to the awakening of the higher stage of consciousness.

Practice of Hatha Vidya
Beginning with easy asanas (postures) the body is made to undergo a thorough cleansing process based on the Shad Karma Kriyas (a six-fold cleansing process) to equip the body for a full-fledged practice of Kumbhaka Padhathi (Pranayama). Then with the use of Mudras (symbolic gestures) & Bandhas (a binding action involving pressure or contraction) the Practitioner is full prepared to explore Nadaanusandhan (pursuing inner and external sounds, a pure and meticulous practice of corporeal and spiritual bliss).