Natha Tradition (Natha Sampradaya)
Adi Nath (Lord Siva) is the exponent of Yoga. The tradition passes from Lord Siva to Matsyendra Nath and onward to Goraksha Nath and Swatma Rama. In this lineage 64 Siddhas (masters) have continued the Natha tradition and made valuable contributions to it. As these Siddhas were exponents of Tantra, Hatha Vidya that has been imparted from ancient time to present has significant relationship with Tantric science.

The basic principles of practicing Hatha Vidya are based on the ‘Chatur Anga Yoga’ (Four limbs of Yoga) explained in the treatise written by Swatma Rama titled ‘Hatha Pradipika’ (Light on Hatha Vidya).
The followers of Natha tradition designed and made contributions to the practice of Yoga by adopting the pedagogies of Gheranda Muni and Gorakshanath into their techniques to make it more useful and efficient in attaining supreme goals of human prosperity and wellbeing.